Men’s Popular Hairstyles for 2018

Here I have gathered men’s popular hairstyles for 2018 that take trends to the next level. Men’s hairstyles are obviously evolving day by day. Some of these haircuts take a little bit time, money and effort to get, but you will see that they are totally worth. A great hairstyle tends to enhance and complete any outfit you wear. If you are planning to get a new crop for yourself, just check these pictures for some more inspo.

Side Fringe and Fade

This trendy hairstyle makes a fabulous option for young guys who are searching for new hairdos to gain some more self-confidence. This haircut features lose hair on top swept to one side with a high fade. Note that there are two shaven lines that add a bold touch to the style. However, this mannish hairstyle is quite messy and undone. It is a great option to bring out your youthfulness and wildness.Side Fringe and FadeTextured Comb Over

The following design is matte and textured version of comb over hairstyle. Luckily, this comb-over ‘do never shows any sign of disappearing. As you can see this crop perfectly complements the model’s face shape. Apart from a trendy hairdo, thick beard is also a part of the design and it makes a great pair with comb-over crop. Try this low-maintenance hairdo both casually and formally.Textured Comb OverCurly Hair and Low Fade

The following style is for black men that don’t know how to wear their long hair. The trend is great for growing curly hair out. Actually, this cool style has a rounded shape due to the temple fade and neck taper. These patterns give extra volume and movement to the strands. The style looks great both with and without beard style, so wear it the way you want.Curly Hair and Low FadeMessy Textured Hair

No man can go wrong with a textured messy hairstyle. Here is a man rocking messy pomp that looks like it was styled by a salt water. But, indeed you don’t need to go beach to get this style. Get it at home within several minutes. All you need to do is to blow dry your hair and apply texturizing pomade. You may even play up with your hair using your fingers.Messy Textured HairCaesar Inspired Crop

This Caesar- inspired crop makes a great option for guys who prefer keeping things neat and clean. This crop is spiced up with a short bang. Things are kept minimal. All you need to do is to comb your bangs in crisscross style to create an illusion of messiness. As you can see this short crop looks exceptionally gorgeous when paired with thick beard.Caesar Inspired Crop

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