Hairstyles for EMO Guys in 2018

EMO hairstyles for men are popular since 1980s when the punk music was hitting the streets. But nowadays you don’t need to be affected by music to sport these hairdos. EMO hairstyles are mostly radiant and confident. They stand out because of their boldness and brightness. If you are looking for excellent hairstyles for EMO guys in 2018, you are in luck, because below we have put together some amazing crops that everyone can sport regardless of whether he is a part of EMO group or not.

Loose Messy Hair

You think you need to be a part of EMO people to rock this style? If yes, then it is the highest moment to change your way of thinking. By looking at this model you may get your right amount of inspiration. He wears medium hair that is left loose and messy. It starts from the mid- top head and covers the sides and back. When looking at the front you will see that the strands are slightly lifted to keep them away from falling into the eyes.Loose Messy HairMedium Hair and Warm Orange Hair Color

Here is a little bit unconventional look for EMO guys and it is indeed, an eye turner. Medium layered hair is spiced up with a warm orange hue to create something that no one else wears. This tone, flatters his light skin and medium hair. As you can see the long bangs block one eye but we can still see it. This style is great for guys who love to stand out in the crowd.Medium Hair and Warm Orange Hair ColorSpiky Hairstyle

Here is another edgy style for guys. It is a spiky hairstyle that looks great on short to medium hair. Well, to get the style, let your hair hang in different directions. Style your long bangs by seeping them to the side. You can use some hair sprays to define your spikes. However, it is a timeless rock chic hairdo, that you may pull off to express your inner world.Spiky HairstyleLavender and Grey Tones

Indeed, while creating an EMO-inspired hair look, it is important to pay attention to the color. You may have a crazy color combination, just like this guy and let your strands to flow into different directions. It the best proof that guys can rock pastel and vivid shades as well as females. However, a rich hair color combo like this, doesn’t require a special hairstyle.Lavender and Grey TonesEMO Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Here is a fabulous option for men with straight hair. There is nothing easier than styling straight hair. If you have this natural hair type, let it fall to the sides, back and front. With a simple movement of your fingers sweep your tresses to the side for a side swept style. The key to this look is a right chosen haircut.EMO Hairstyle for Straight Hair

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