A/W Hairstyle Trends that Made Our Jaws Drop

Autumn/winter hairstyle trends are officially explored. These trends are meant to bring out the strong features of women. They are meant to provide them with lots of confidence and enhance their elegance. Hairstylist found creative ways to provide women with the best of look. Prepare yourself for strong plaits, powerful full fringes and retro inspired hairdos. Here are A/W hairstyles trends that made out jaws drop. I am sure you will have something to choose from.

Knotted Ponytail and Bow

Cute black bow may create a wonderful hair look with less effort. Indeed, ponytail is not one of those time-consuming hairdos that you would avoid wearing. However, the chicest and most beautiful hairstyles can be found on Rochas. A simple knotted ponytail gets a sophisticated look with the help of black bow. It is an inspiring hairstyle for all those who are in love ponytails.Knotted Ponytail and BowSide Partings

Forget the center parting for a while and think of side partings. This A/W side parting hairstyles are all in range. It is all about pushing your hair to the side and leaving things loose and messy. This model demonstrates a side swept curly hairstyle that is spiced up with a romantic touch. If you have natural texture embrace this style and surely, you will rock!Side PartingsSlicked Back Shaggy Hair

Hairstylists use their expertise to put a spotlight on powerful rock-inspired ‘dos. Just have a look at this shaggy hairstyle. It seems better when updated with a modern twist. And the following style requires slicking the strands back. It is all about hair gels that are applied to create a wet-looking effect. Slicked back hairstyles are great to wear formally but they are awesome for everyday look too.Slicked Back Shaggy HairBuzz Haircut

A buzz haircut is back again and it is here to provide with the most eye-catching punk hairstyle. It goes without saying that ladies with this ultra-short crop make a bold statement. But it is always possible to use appropriate details to soften your look. With right patterns, it will never have a masculine touch. Buzz is not for everyone, so make sure that you have an appropriate face shape.Buzz HaircutSleek Hair

A/W haircuts and hairstyles look expensive and luxurious. The best example is shown below. The sleek texture with amazing length is what you need to achieve the following style. Apart from styling, blonde hair color also looks fresh and catchy. It is one of the most effortless styles that you can get even right now.Sleek Hair

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