Kendall Jenner Long Bob Hairstyle Inspiration for 2018

The long bob or as it is known, the lob has been the most universally flattering crop for quite some time now, which is saying a lot in the ever-changing world of beauty. Lots of celebrities took the plunge and went for the crop and Kendall Jenner is one of them. She chopped off her locks and got a fresh lob. Kendall is pretty good at rocking different lob hairstyles. Whether you have a lob or you are looking for a fresh crop, check out Kendall Jenner long bob hairstyle inspiration for 2018.

The Messy Ponytail

The best aspect of a lob is that your hair is still long enough to throw up and out of your face- depending on how short you decide to go. Kendall’s lob allows her to rock a messy ponytail. She shows off a textured high pony with some tendrils out of it. Tendrils are never bad as they frame the face in the best way. Wisps or tendrils also give the pony an “undone” effect. For the same look, we highly recommend you give your strands some waves before pulling them up in a ponytail.messy ponytailBeachy Waves

Kendall hits the catwalk donning wavy, ultra-tousled tresses that make us fall in love with effortless hair options. This style looks fab all year around and can be achieved by using texturizing spray and a diffuser. If you have waves naturally, you may skip styling tools and products. Indeed, Kendall’s lob is the best source of inspiration for young ladies and adults.beach wavesPiece-y Bangs

There are so many things you can do with lob. It is totally up to you, whether you like to go for bangs or not. In case if you are planning to spice up your lob with bangs- we highly recommend you trying longer fringes for a piece-y vibe that you can easily push back when you are not feeling in. It is one of the best options to enhance your lob.hairstyle with bangsTextured Hairstyle

When it comes to styling lob, texture is must. Have you noticed how popular textured hairstyles are? Kendall’s textured lob, is super-flattering and effortless. Add extra amount of texture to your strands by using a curling iron and texturizing hair spray. Curly-haired ladies may straighten the parts that necessary while keeping the rest curly or wavy.textured hairstyleBold Side Part

The bold side part totally changes the overall look of the cut as well as her face shape. You may draw the parting according to your preferences. Remember you should be comfortable with parting and it should flatter your face shape. Obviously, it is one of the best ways to style the lob.bold side part

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