Jennifer Garner Hairstyle Inspiration

Hollywood starlet Jennifer Garner, knows how to accentuate her beauty with a right hairstyle. Today you will see Jennifer Garner inspired hairstyles that are absolutely effortless. These iconic hairdos are simple and they look amazing on her. She is going to prove that you never need to pull off a sophisticated hairstyle to look cool. The simpler the better! No matter, you are one of Jennifer’s fans or not, just check these pictures, as you may find something for yourself.

Ponytail for Long Hair

Jennifer Garner is master at pulling her hair up in a ponytail. This simple, yet outstanding hairstyle is the best to draw attention to her bone structure. The following ponytail entails high-tied locks and straight bangs with tendrils. It is an easy hairstyle to get and it works great for women with different textures. However, Jennifer mostly pulled her hair up in a ponytail for her role in the Daredevil.Ponytail for Long HairHalf Updo and Side Bangs

Jennifer Garner popped up with many different forms of loose hair, including half up half down, pinned bangs, and curls. Below I have included one of her half updo styles that is simply adorable. It requires creating with a little bit bouffant and sweep the bangs to the side to avoid irritating strands falling in the eyes. It is also an easy style that everyone can try.Half Updo and Side BangsLayered Hairstyle

When you have one length hair, you may easily get bored with your hair. Jennifer Garner proves that being a little bit experimental with your hair, may provide you with the best effect. Indeed, layers are always good for giving your locks a whole new look without sacrificing your hair length. Get as many layers as you want and make a serious fashion statement.Layered HairstyleHighlighted Hair

Highlights are alternatives of layers and can be adopted by everyone. If you are not into layers, but you still want to take your look a notch higher, consider chic hair highlights. They are the best for adding movement and dimension throughout your locks. Highlights should be done according to one’s hair color. Ask your hairstylist for help.Highlighted HairUpdo with Tendrils

Apart from ponytails, we also love the updos, rocked by Jenny. Any updo gives her ultra-feminine and mind-blowing look. Here is a very simple updo that look quite sophisticated on her. It is all about securing your locks on the back of your neck and leaving some tendrils on the front, for an evening updo like this.Updo with Tendrils

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