Bangs Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2018

We already know that a pair of bangs can really change up your look. Bangs can even change the geometry of your face. It is a fact, you can never go wrong with bangs- be that long, short, straight, curly or wispy. Below you will see the best bangs hairstyles for long hair in 2018. In case if you are confused about your next hairstyle makeover, check out these pictures and find a great way to enhance your look.

Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

There is no a better idea rather than combining long straight hair and bangs. This combination is fantastic when it comes to hairstyles for long hair. This effortless look can carry you everywhere- from an office to a night party. Those who have naturally straight hair, don’t need to worry about getting the style, otherwise the hair straightener is must. Get the style for an everyday look.Hairstyle for Long Straight HairHalf Updo and Bangs

Unconventional and unique hair colors are still in rage. This dark orchid shade of the tresses is nothing but mind-blowing. It adds a dramatic touch to the headdress while taking it a notch higher. When it comes to styling, give your locks a half updo and add straight bangs. With an outstanding hairstyle like this, you are going to make a fashion statement.Half Updo and BangsUpdo and Bangs

This is a set of wispy bangs that completed with some side bangs. This type of bangs looks incredibly gorgeous and works for everyone. It tends to camouflage a wide forehead. Well, the bangs are paired with an updo that reminds of a traditional ballerina bun. Everything about this hairstyle is super feminine and subtle. Note that the updo is overdone, so you also keep it a little bit messy and disheveled.Updo and BangsDark Long Hair with Bangs

If you can’t, or you don’t have enough patience to wait until your locks will grow, no necessity to panic. There is always a way to provide you with your favorite style. I am sure you already know about extension. They are useful and harmless patterns that will provide you with the coolest hairstyles ever. Note that you can use the ones that are colorful.Updo and BangsLong Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

It is unbelievable to see long and short shags on runways and streets. This retro yet trendy haircut is back again. Many women have already managed to embrace the trend. It is all about choppy layers that are placed throughout the locks. Long shags look exceptionally gorgeous wit bangs. One of the best examples is shown below. Have a look at the picture and draw your inspiration from.Long Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

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